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Don't Count on Anyone's Insurance Company But Yours: Pay Accident Medical Bills with Your Health Insurance

An accident can turn your life upside down, but it's downright shocking for many victims to learn one truth about their case—the insurance company for the person who hurt you won't pay your medical bills as they come in. South Carolina personal injury lawyer Rob Usry describes why using your health insurance to pay these bills is the best option.


Here's a question that comes up a bunch from our injury clients and it's this “should I use my health insurance to pay medical bills from an accident that's not my fault?” The answer to that is yes. the reason is the insurance company for whoever hurt you is not going to pay your medical bills as they come in. So if you've got health insurance use it you've paid for it this is what it's for your life's already been turned upside down by an injury that's not your fault. Hand over that insurance card and give away a lot of the stress over how you're going to pay for all these medical bills. Even if you didn't immediately file it, it may not be too late. On almost every medical bill you get there's a section where you can just fill in your insurance information, fill it in send it back let them handle it. If you get any trouble from any providers just ask them politely to file it and if they still refuse ask them why not or try to get somebody on the phone who can explain it and if you need to call your own health insurance company to see if they can help you get it filed. They might be able to get it done for you.

 Another very important reason for you to do this is your health insurance company pays your bills at a discount so in the end it's going to be cheaper for you more than likely to pay your medical bills this way. You may have to pay your health insurance company back but even if you have to do that it's going to be cheaper, more likely than not, that it would be if you just had to pay the medical provider directly. This is a process called subrogation and in our experience with a lot of our clients who have to pay their insurance company back we can get a discount on the amount our client has to pay back for their health insurance company. And the reason for that is this we've done the health insurance companies work for them to get a pay back so they don't have to pay anybody else. they get paid back your bills get paid and it just works out a lot easier and a lot better for you which is the way it should because you bought this coverage this is what it’s for. If you have any other questions about car crash claims or injury claims feel free to start a live chat with us or send us an email or just call us up on the phone. We've also got a free offer about car crash claims, its little report called I just got the South Carolina car accident now what, it might answer other questions you may be happy. Thanks so much for listening and for thinking about this with me.

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