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Our First Meeting About Your DUI: There's No Sobriety Tests, And You Can Leave Whenever You Want

It's truly an honor for me when anyone wants me to consider defending their DUI case. I know it can be a crime of an officer's opinion, and you might even have defenses you don't know about that I can find.

But I'm not too proud- I know just because it's an honor for me doesn't mean it's an honor for you. Because DUIs often happen to law-abiding people, I regularly encounter folks who come to me reluctantly, often humiliated and more than a little nervous to sit down with a lawyer.

No need for that. I'm here to help, not judge. There's great strength in making the smart choice to defend yourself. And I  assure you our meeting will be a cakewalk compared to your arrest. (I know I'm setting the bar pretty low here, but hey, it's true). So I made this little video to show you what to expect.

Don't be too afraid or ashamed to sit with me for a free strategy session about your case. Worst-case scenario, you get free advice, there's no sobriety tests, and you can leave whenever you want.

Rob Usry
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Rob is a South Carolina personal injury and criminal defense lawyer.

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