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When You’re Charged With DUI or DUAC, the Stakes Are Too High To Assume You Can’t Win. Our Spartanburg DUAC & DUI Lawyers Can Mount a Defense For You.

DUI/DUAC charges can seriously disrupt your life. Did you know Driving with an Unlawful Alcohol Concentration (DUAC) charges carry the same penalties as driving under the influence (DUI)?

These are some of the potential costs of a DUI or DUAC:

  • Immediate license suspension - even without a conviction,
  • Costly, burdensome ignition interlock,
  • Fines and court costs,
  • Possible jail time,
  • Driver’s license suspension - 6 months for a DUI 1st, longer for DUI 2nd and up,
  • Permanent criminal record - unlike certain other crimes, DUI convictions cannot be removed from your public record,
  • SR-22 auto insurance- which can cause premiums to skyrocket,
  • Costs to attend the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program - at least $500,
  • College students can lose state scholarships and their parents can lose tax credits for education payments,
  • You also face a possibly a cloudy employment future, including potential loss of your job and future job opportunities.

We're Experienced DUI Attorneys Who Stand Up For You

For more information on the terrible price you pay for a conviction, download our free report, The Terrible Price of a DUI/DUAC Conviction and Defenses You Might Not Know About.

Just because you blew .08 or more does not mean you are automatically guilty. These cases can be much more complex than it seems; our team of knowledgable DUI lawyers may be able to help you.

Don’t assume you can’t win—you may have defenses you don’t even know about. Explore them with the Spartanburg DUI lawyers at Holland & Usry, who are experienced in forcing the State to prove its case while pointing out what the officers did incorrectly and presenting the facts that favor you. From minor DUI charges to felony DUIs, we know what it takes to defend you in court.

When you’re charged with a DUI or DUAC, you’ve got to act fast to protect your rights—if your license got suspended for refusing a breathalyzer test or blowing .15 or more, the clock is ticking on the deadline to get a license to drive without restriction in South Carolina, and if you miss the court date on your traffic ticket, you could be convicted without a jury trial.

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It won’t cost a dime to discuss your case with us to see what we might be able to do to help. Call us toll free at 888-230-1841 or 864-582-0416 to schedule your free case discussion with one of our DUI attorneys today. Don’t forget to bring all your paperwork!

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