Rob and John represented a very sweet 64 year-old lady who had just moved to Myrtle Beach to retire when she got slammed by a police car.  Her son, who lives in Spartanburg, asked us to help her despite the fact she lived across the state. Due to the serious nature of the case, we agreed.

As our client waited to turn left under a green light, the policeman ignored his red light and plowed into her driver’s side so hard EMTs had to use the jaws-of-life to pry her out. 

Our client suffered a concussion – a "mild" traumatic brain injury that can result from auto accidents.  As a result, doctors kept her overnight in the hospital.  After her release, she followed up for a couple months with a neurologist (brain doctor), who treated her for vertigo, a frightening, sickening side effect of her brain injury that left her head spinning out of control without warning from the simplest, almost involuntary acts of bending, twisting her neck, getting out of bed, or even moving too fast.  She also had double vision, headaches, and vomiting.  In addition, she treated with a chiropractor for muscle damage caused by the crash that medical science could not treat – penetrating soreness and stiffness that lasted several months in her neck and back. 

Rob and John focused their settlement efforts on the fact that of all people, police are the most responsible for observing the rules of the road and keeping other motorists safe.  We also provided painstaking detail in describing her injuries, especially helping the adjuster understand our client sustained a brain injury. 

We settled the case without ever filing a lawsuit.   


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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.