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The One Thing You Might Not Know To Look For To Find The Best Spartanburg Criminal Defense Lawyers For You- And Why You Should Look For It

Hint: it’s not bargain-basement pricing. This is your life, not a lawnmower. You can’t hire a lawyer to preserve your future without the one thing addressed in this article .

You can’t put a price on the #1 unspoken benefit of hiring a lawyer you trust: peace of mind. For you, that’s likely in short supply. Don’t hire anyone who can’t help restore your peace of mind.

So What’s It Like To Work With Us? Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

While all results are specific to the facts and law of each unique case, and a prior result does not mean similar results can be obtained for other cases, see these pages:

What’s it like to come to our office to discuss your case? Glad you asked! Our first meeting will be FREE and friendly, with no pressure to hire, just answering your questions and beginning to strategize your defense, as shown by this quick video.

Our philosophy in defending you. Our first goal is always, win. But sometimes you can’t. It may be the State has a relatively airtight case, or the risk of a long prison term is too great- there are many factors. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we know that for some clients a trial is unwise.

But that doesn’t have to mean you lose it all. Our second goal is, if we can’t win, get the charge reduced and give you the best chance possible at minimal punishment- or even no conviction or punishment at all. We work every bit as hard to negotiate deals for dismissals in drug charges and guilty pleas as we do to prepare for trial. If you decide to plead guilty, we’ll work with you to explain the circumstances leading to the charge and develop the best possible picture of who you truly are, to give the judge every good reason possible to keep you out of prison. Remember: we’re all people here, even if you committed a crime.

Cases We Handle

Criminal Defense LawyersWe defend our people accused of state or federal misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

Violent Crimes. Violent crimes happen in the heat of a moment. When they do, a lot can be misunderstood. You may have just been defending yourself. Buried in the evidence is your side of the story. We can pull your story out and defend you against a South Carolina violent crime charge. We stand beside people accused of crimes including assault and battery, attempted murder, and murder.

Criminal Domestic Violence. This law is so far-reaching you can be charged with it even if you never married your accuser- or if you didn’t even touch them! It carries serious consequences, including potential jail time and loss of your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Sometimes these charges are nothing more than the vengeful act of a jilted lover. And it could be self-defense. We not only review the evidence, we investigate all the facts surrounding the accusations to develop a defense showing what might have motivated untrue or overstated accusations. If your case qualifies and you agree to it, we also work to preserve your ability to get the case dismissed and off your record through pre-trial intervention or the Solicitor's intervention program.

Drug Charges. A conviction for a drug crime in South Carolina can jeopardize your future. We work hard to help you avoid conviction or minimize the penalties of your charges so that you can dodge a serious impact on your life. Often, much of our work in these cases involves researching the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment to craft a solid defense the government illegally searched you or your property.

Sex Crimes. We are not afraid to take on these charges, which often involve accusations so dreadful the police leap to conclusions- especially for child molestation charges. Sex crime suspects need skilled defense attorneys, as they face heavy-handed prison sentences and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. We work to make sure your voice is not drowned out by thunderous allegations the State claims “no one could make up.” Because sometimes that’s exactly what happens- accusations get made up. The key in many cases is figuring out why, so the jury can understand.

Theft. Robbery, shoplifting, larceny, and burglary convictions all come with very serious consequences. These cases may not be what they seem, especially if a number of codefendants are involved. We will do all we can to diminish your role and, if necessary, minimize your sentence.

Fraud. Financial crimes can have a serious impact on your future. They can also be very complex. At Holland & Usry, we can sift through large amounts of data to find the facts to help you. If necessary, we can hire experts to help explain your defenses to the jury.

Juvenile Crimes. If your child found himself on the wrong side of the law, you want to do everything you can to protect his reputation and future. We’ll protect your child just like you would.

The Stakes Are Too High To Go It Alone

A conviction could have a serious, permanent impact on your life. When the state or federal government points its accusatory finger at you, all this can be on the line:

  • your reputation,
  • your job,
  • your family,
  • your freedom.

Your most critical decision to preserve it all may very well be who you choose to tell your story in court and fight to protect you.

If you’re accused of a crime, don’t stand alone. We’ll meet you to discuss your case for free. 

Call us toll-free at 888-230-1841 to schedule your free strategy session with a Spartanburg Criminal Defense Attorney today. Don’t forget to bring all your paperwork!

We handle cases primarily in the Upstate area of South Carolina, especially Spartanburg, Cherokee, Greenville, Laurens, and Union counties, which includes the communities of Boiling Springs, Inman, Duncan, Lyman, Wellford, Woodruff, Landrum, Roebuck, Cowpens, Laurens, Gaffney, and Greer.

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