You didn’t ask to get hurt at work, but now you’ve got to deal with it.

Workers' Compensation AttorneysYou’ve been thrust into a dark, confusing world. There's more questions than answers. It’s a lot to deal with.

Worst of all, you might not even know the full extent of what you could lose in this case. Many injured employees have no idea how serious their injuries are at first, or how much medical care it'll require to fix..

Our Spartanburg workers' comp atttorney is here to to shine a light on your situation. You’ve got rights, and you need to know them. Before we get to that here, let us answer the question you might have at the forefront of your mind right now.

Do I Need An Attorney For My South Carolina Workers' Compensation Case?

Workers' comp can be complicated, and you're facing an insurance company that makes money by not helping you. Even if you don't know how badly you're hurt, the safest thing to do is get some legal advice. We won't pressure you to hire us, and we’ll tell you not every case needs a lawyer.  If you don’t need one, we give you resources to help you settle your case on your own without paying an attorney. 

But if you suffer a serious injury like:

  • a neck or back injury that makes your arms or legs numb, tingle, or hurt- WARNING: THIS COULD BE A SIGN OF A SEVERE SPINAL INJURY,
  • spinal injury including paralysis,
  • broken bones,
  • a torn rotator cuff,
  • torn knee ligaments like the meniscus or ACL,
  • a brain injury, or
  • you need surgery,

there are critical reasons to hire an experienced South Carolina workers' comp attorney.  Chief among them is, an attorney gives you a stronger position against the insurance company.  You’ve got your own trained professional who can counter the insurance company’s hardball tactics.  Better yet, you’ve got a skilled advocate who’s invested in the success of your case, because we’re paid with contingency fees, which don’t come out of your pocket. 

The primary unspoken benefit of hiring a lawyer you trust is peace of mind.

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Get Answers to Your South Carolina Workers' Comp Questions, Including Our Free Book 

You’ve made the smart choice to get answers instead of just letting this case happen to you. Information is power, and hurt employees need it. Here's free info we provide for folks like you:

  • Use our website. We've got a slew of free info about South Carolina workers' comp cases, which is all yours for the taking. Check out our  ArticlesBlogsFrequently Asked Questions, and VideosFor specific questions, we've even got a search box at the bottom of the page to help you find answers. 

How Do I Find The Best South Carolina Workers' Compensation Attorney For Me?

Any attorney can have a slick TV ad or single digit phone number, but what help does that give you?  It’s a gimmick to reel you in. You're smarter than that, or you wouldn't be here.

We’re committed to empowering victims by giving you REAL, HELPFUL info about South Carolina workers' comp cases. 

As part of that service, here's our article to help you find the right South Carolina workers' comp attorney, evein if it's not us

One of the best ways to find out what it’s like to work with an attorney is to see what clients say.  Read unedited, unscripted reviews by our actual clients on an attorney review service we don’t own and google

Better yet, check us out in person. Talk to us on the phone or schedule a FREE strategy session by calling 888-230-1841.

Get Your Free Copy Of Our Book On South Carolina Workers' Compensation Cases Today!

It Answers Questions Like:

  1. If I file for workers' comp, won't my employer have to pay my medical bills? (page 15)
  2. Can I be fired for filing a comp claim? (page 14)
  3. What are workers comp benefits? (page 13)
  4. Do I get any income if I miss work? When? How much?  (page 30)
  5. What rights to medical care do I have?  (page 26)
  6. What simple things can I do to protect my rights?. (pages 17-25)
  7. MOST FOLKS HAVE NO IDEA: Why is the doctor important to my case? (page 32)
  8. Does workers comp ever cover prior injuries? (page 39)
  9. When can I start thinking about settlement? (page 54)
  10. How do comp settlements work? (page 57)
  11. How does a comp case get decided if we can't settle it? (page 61)
  12. Can I qualify for medical care after my case is over? (page 41)
  13. What does it take to be totally and permanently disabled under workers comp? HINT: PROBABLY NOT WHAT YOU THINK. (page 43)
  14. What happens at a workers' compensation commission hearing? (page 61) 

Our Number One Burning Question For You: What Can These Spartanburg Workers' Compensation Attorneys Do To Help You Today?

Our top priority is to add value to your case, and your life. Because everyone is different, everyone has unique questions and concerns.  We cater to you. 

Here’s how we do it.  We aim to exceed your expectations, and here’s basic commitments we offer to deliver that to you: 

  • We work as hard as we can to get the best result we can.
  • We are honest and sincere with you, even if we’re telling you things neither of us want to hear.
  • We keep you updated and informed on your case’s progress. 

We do all that to help you make the best legal decision for you. 

There's No Need to Worry or Wonder What Our First Meeting Is Like

We get it- the idea of meeting with a lawyer about your comp case isn't joy and sunshine. [But we do try!] Knowing what to expect makes it easier on you..  Here's what our first FREE, EASY strategy session is like.  What do we do if you hire us? That's next.

Our Seven Point Process for Negotiating a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Settlement

We’ve developed a process to make your path to a settlement as smooth, easy, and quick as possible:

1. Understand how you got hurt. Know this: you don’t have to prove your employer was at fault in causing your injury. It’s critical for us to understand how you got hurt, since: 

  • HOW you got hurt often explains WHY certain parts got hurt.
  • Injuries to multiple body parts can affect the amount of a South Carolina workers’ compensation settlement.
  • If your injury is due to someone else's fault who's not associated with your employer, you might be able to recover an additional settlement from the wrongdoer in a "third-party action."

2. Request a hearing, if needed. Insurance companies deny cases for any reason they can dream up. Additionally, we typically request hearings to get your benefits ordered in cases involving:

  • treatment denials
  • stopping your weekly check for no reason
  • medical second opinions

3. Obtain, analyze, and use medical evidence. The doctor is one of the most vital witnesses in your case. Doctors’ records help prove the nature and extent of your injuries, including the treatment required now and in the future.

4. Keep up with your treatment. It’s the right thing for us to do since you’re our client! We keep up with you so we can be aware of how your treatments are going and how you’re doing. It can also establish major points on your treatment timeline, especially when you’re about to be released. Knowing that helps us get ready for settlement ahead of time, so we can expedite the process to help you get a settlement faster.

Keeping up with you also helps us stay ahead of the insurance company and opposing counsel, who, unlike you, have the luxury of requesting a hearing with a quick deadline. The fast deadline makes it extremely hard to prepare for the hearing properly. It’s the insurance company’s dream. They can use it to strong-arm inexperienced, unprepared employees into a cheap, unfair settlement.

5. Determine a fair settlement. Here’s where we never forget who this case REALLY about—YOU! With you, we evaluate what we should ask for in a settlement and develop a plan to get it. A “simple” workers’ compensation settlement involves the final determination of vital, complicated medical and legal rights. We consider all options to help you decide what’s best for your unique South Carolina workers’ compensation settlement. That involves going all over all your rights and the evidence to arrive at the settlement you should expect.

For especially serious cases, we’ll explore the need for a vocational evaluation.

We give you a written settlement evaluation in clear, honest terms. 

6. Send a demand letter to the insurance company or opposing counsel. The demand letter summarizes your case, explaining why the insurance company should settle your workers’ compensation case in line with our goal.

7. Negotiations and the next step, if the insurance company won’t settle for a fair amount. During negotiations, we keep you updated with all offers as we move our strategy forward. We always want your input in this final step that’s hopefully the culmination of our efforts. Often, it ends with a settlement.

If it doesn’t, we request a hearing to get your case decided by a Workers’ Compensation Commissioner. In serious cases, we might agree to mediation. In mediation, an experienced workers’ comp lawyer who’s not involved with the case works with both parties to get them to reach a settlement if they can. It’s a totally voluntary process, so if we don’t settle, we head to the hearing.

For a fuller understanding of how we handle a South Carolina workers’ comp case, read this article.

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South Carolina Workers' Comp Victims Have a Lot To Lose – Often More than You Think. Don't Risk It.

Just settling a basic South Carolina workers' comp case involves complex legal decisions that can have serious long-term, even lifelong, physical and financial implications. The insurance company’s money is plenty safe – it has a legion of professionals to protect it, from adjusters to nurse case managers attorneys.  Without an attorney, you’re the only amateur  – and it’s you who's got the most to lose from being cheated out of a proper settlement.   

Protect yourself, because nobody else will. Let an experienced Spartanburg worker's comp lawyer guide you to the right settlement. 

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We won't pressure you to hire us.  If you don’t, or if you don’t have a case where we’re confident we can help you, we’ll do all we can to get you where you need to go. 

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