When you’ve been involved in a life-changing event, you want all the help you can get in understanding the law and finding the best solution for your case. Get the facts and information you need from these legal resources put together by our team of lawyers serving Cherokee County, Union, and Spartanburg.

Workers' Compensation

Personal Injury

  • United States Department of Transportation

    If you were injured in a Spartanburg truck accident, you know how serious the consequences can be. Get help finding the truck driver and learning the rules of the road for truckers to strengthen your truck accident claim in South Carolina.

Criminal Defense

  • Spartanburg County Magisterial Courts

    No matter whether you’re located in Greer, Spartanburg, or other areas of the Spartanburg County, this website can help. Here, you will find information about your criminal trial in Spartanburg County, and the procedures you must take when defending yourself in court.

Charities and Ministries

  • Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas

    The mission of Children’s Cancer Partners is to provide comprehensive support and loving compassion to families whose children are battling cancer to improve their overall quality of life.

  • Total Ministries

    TOTAL Ministries exists to Tell Others They Are LovedIt is an extension of the servant ministry of local cooperating Christian congregations whose mission is to share the love of God by assisting our neighbors in Spartanburg County who are facing financial hardships.

  • Healthy Smiles

    A charitable, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote dental care through outreach, education, and free screenings for all children throughout the Spartanburg community, with a focus on the less fortunate.

  • 721 Ministries

    721 seeks to awaken men to the fact that when it comes to Jesus, there’s more because no matter where one is in their spiritual journey, He is always calling us to a richer, deeper, thriving, energizing experience of Him. 


  • South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

    No matter where you are in South Carolina, the Department of Motor Vehicles is a necessary resource to have. Use its website to learn about the latest driving laws, road closures, and construction so that you can minimize your risk of being in a serious accident. Or use it to find out more information about the impact of your Spartanburg DUI/DUAC case on your right to drive.

  • Spartanburg County Government

    This website contains lengths to almost every government office in the county, including the Clerk of Court, Register of Deeds, and tax assessor.