The first thing you need to know is, South Carolina tractor trailer accidents are NOT your typical car accident case.

Our experience as Spartanburg, South Carolina semi-trailer accident attorneys has shown you need to know why an 18-wheeler accident case is different from a car or motorcycle accident:

  • Trucking companies and their insurance companies defend themselves ruthlessly- even by insurance company standards. You should read this- the top reason to hire a semi-truck accident attorney might shock you
  • The consequences are often far worse – victims often suffer paralysis, brain damage and even fatalities. Severe injuries require extra legal care to protect your right to get your medical bills paid – especially future treatment. We work with both you and your doctor to understand your injuries to develop the full impact of them on your life – and even your spouse’s.
  • The cause of the crash may be more complicated than you think, because the trucker's employer may share fault. Plus, evidence to prove fault can get downright scientific – like analyzing black box data.
  • And there may be more grounds for fault than you know, since the trucking industry is heavily regulated. Increasing the potential grounds for fault can increase your chances of a better settlement. To fully evaluate all grounds for relief, you usually need a focused, thorough investigation of the trucker and the trucking company. For example, did you know truckers can drive only limited hours, by law? Our investigation can start before the trucker even turns the key to start the engine, to make sure the trucker did a required pre-trip inspection to make sure his big rig was safe to drive. In fact, our investigation might start before the trucker’s even hired, to see if he’s qualified by law to drive an 18-wheeler in the first place!
  • You may need an expert for an in-depth investigation of the cause of the crash, like faulty equipment, improper hiring, training, or supervision of the trucker, and improper maintenance of the semi. 
  • Often, you can’t get the data you need to properly investigate your case just by asking. That’s why we might need to file suit immediately and get the data from a court ordered process called discovery
  • Worse, sometimes vital evidence disappears after these crashes. We act fast to do all we can to prevent that.
  • Trucking insurance companies work hard to protect their own by beating down seriously hurt victims to settle cheap, so they can save money and increase profits at your expense.
  • You may have a better shot at punitive damages – but you need experienced truck accident attorneys to help find the legal and regulatory violations to help you get them.

Sound like a lot of work? It is. But there’s a lot at stake for you. That’s why you should give it to South Carolina semi-truck accident attorneys to get it done, and done right.

Speaking of work, here's our 10-point process to negotiate a settlement in a South Carolina 18-wheeler acccident case. You owe it to yourself and your family to talk to an experienced trucking accident attorney. We won’t charge you a thing to talk, email, live chat, or even meet with you in person. And you don’t have to hire us. Plus it’s totally confidential. To speak to a lawyer about your case, call us toll-free at 888-230-1841 or just fill out our Get Help Now form at the top the page, or start a live chat right where you are.

Get Informed About Your Tractor-Trailer Crash Case. Use Our Resources and Download Our Free Book.  

Victims of 18-wheeler accidents face an extreme disadvantage in taking on the trucker's insurance company. You're an amateur- one who's recently suffered profound injury, loss, and trauma- and they are seasoned professionals determined to beat you out of a cheap, quick settlement. 

We aim to empower you with information, so you can make a solid, well-informed decision in your case:

  • If you've just been involved in a tractor-trailer accident, here's what you should do.
  • Our website’s loaded with free information folks want to know about their cases. Check out the slew of free info we've got on our website about trucking accidents in our ArticlesBlogsFrequently Asked Questions, and Videos. We've got a search box on the right side of the page to help you find answers to specific questions.
  • While car or motorcycle accident cases are very different from tractor trailer wrecks in some important ways, they do have some common questions. To help victims with common questions- and things you probably don’t know but need to- we’ve written a report we offer you for FREE. Even the title’s right to the point: I Just Got in A South Carolina Car Accident, Now What? 

It reveals insider info like:

  1. Be forewarned: the insurance rep who handles your case to help the insurance company, not you, and how to deal with their tricks and traps [Chapter 9]
  2. THIS SHOCKS MOST PEOPLE: Why you should pay your bills with health insurance, which includes Medicaid or Medicare [Chapter 7]​Types of compensation you might qualify for in a settlement [Chapter 2]​
  3. Maybe the most important chapter of all- How you can fully protect your rights in your case. It can be a tremendous amount of work, but if you want it done right, you’ve got to do it well. [Chapter 10]
  4. It even includes a chapter with MORE FREE INFO on 18-wheeler crashes.

You can download it for FREE here.  

  • For other questions, contact us the easiest way for you. You can always fill out our Get Help Now form at the top of the page, start a live chat or call us toll-free at 888-230-1841You can even schedule a free strategy session about your case. Don’t worry, we won’t force you to hire us.

Truck Accident Attorneys in Spartanburg, South CarolinaThe answer to the #1 burning question we get asked in private by semi-truck accident victims.

Everyone wants to know what their case is worth. In this article and video, we give the basics on how we value cases. But bear in mind, there’s a lot more to an 18-wheeler accident case, as we discussed above.

Here’s OUR #1 burning question: What can our truck accident attorneys do to help you?

That’s the first question WE ask. All people are unique, so their concerns are unique. We cater to you. 

Let’s put your mind at ease over the cost of hiring us. Here’s how much money you need: Zero. We work these cases to be paid with contingent fees, meaning we are invested in getting you the best possible result.

Here’s how we treat you. Over the years, we’ve found folks need- and deserve- a certain level of service, and we deliver:

  1. We will work as hard as we can to get you the best result we can.
  2. We will always be honest and sincere with you, even if we’re telling you what you don’t want to hear.
  3. We will keep you updated and informed on your case’s progress.

Why go it alone when it’s likely not in your best interest?

If you're seriously hurt or lost a loved one in a semi-trailer wreck, you need a professional on your side, just like the insurance company. Contact an experienced commercial truck accident injury attorney to handle all the hard work to protect your one shot at getting the best possible result for you and your family for injuries or loss you may deal with forever. You can call us toll-free at 888-230-1841 to get your questions answered or schedule a free strategy session about you case.

Our office is located at 101 W. St. John St., Suite 206, Spartanburg, SC 29306. We handle cases primarily in the Upstate area of South Carolina, especially the areas of I-85, I-385, and I-26 around Spartanburg, Cherokee, Greenville, Laurens, and Union counties, which includes the communities of Boiling Springs, Inman, Duncan, Lyman, Wellford, Woodruff, Landrum, Roebuck, Cowpens, Laurens, Gaffney, and Greer. But if the case justifies it, we can handle one anywhere in South Carolina.

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