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But your case might not fall into one of these categories. That doesn't mean you can't get a settlement for your accident. But it can mean the legal hurdles to get one may be higher.

Your first question might be, where does the money come from to pay a South Carolina accident injury settlement? Good news: it likely gets paid by an insurance company. Bad news: the insurance company and its adjuster have one goal: forcing you to settle quick and cheap, no matter how hurt you are, or how badly at fault the person or business is that hurt you.

You need answers, not more pressure. At Holland & Usry, our Spartanburg accident injury attorney won’t strong-arm you to hire us. 

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Our goal is to add value to your life and to your case. So let’s answer the question you might still be asking yourself . . .   

Do I Need an Attorney for my South Carolina Accident Case?

Not every case needs a lawyer.  If you don’t need one, we give you resources to help you settle your case on your own without paying an attorney. 

But if you suffer a serious injury in a South Carolina accident like broken bones, a brain injury, or need surgery, there are crucial reasons to hire an experienced attorney.  Some cases are especially high-stakes and complex. You need a skilled attorney if someone died in the accident, called a wrongful death case in South Carolina.

The primary unspoken benefit of hiring a lawyer you trust is peace of mind.

The bottom line is, an attorney levels the playing field between you and the insurance company.  You’ve got your own trained professional who knows how to handle the insurance company’s games.  It gets even better. Your skilled advocate is invested in the success of your case, because we’re paid with contingency fees, which don’t come out of your pocket. 

Here’s How We Can Answer Your Questions About Your South Carolina Accident Injury Case Today

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  • Use our website.  We’ve committed to making it a goldmine of FREE, HELPFUL info for South Carolina accident injury victims.  Check out our free Articles, Blogs, Frequently Asked Questions, and Videos to find out more about your case.  If there’s a specific issue you’re interested in, use the search box on the bottom of the page. 

How Do I Find The Best South Carolina Accident Injury Attorney For Me?

We offer no gimmick to reel you in, like a catchy jingle or a single digit phone number. Because we’re committed to empowering victims by giving you useful info about South Carolina accident and personal injury cases,  we even wrote an article to help you find the right South Carolina accident attorney for you

One of the best ways to find out what it’s like to work with an attorney is to see what clients say.  Read unedited, unscripted reviews from real people who actually dealt with us, which you can find on an attorney review service we don’t own and google

Better yet, find out for yourself.  Talk to us on the phone or in person by calling 888-230-1841

Because Your Case Is About You, Let Us Answer Some of the Most Important Questions You’re Asking – Or Should Ask.

You can also see answers to more specific questions below, under the "Cases We Handle" section.

  1. Do I still have a case if the accident is partially my fault?
  2. Should I pay accident injury medical bills with health insurance?
  3. INSIDER TIP: The key witness you might not realize: your doctor
  4. What does a South Carolina injury setlement cover?
  5. MOST FOLKS DON’T REALIZE THIS: Spouses of accident victims can get settlements, too
  6. The truth about punitive damages
  7. Brain injury warning signs

The Answer to the Number One Burning Question Most Folks Want To Know

How much of a South Carolina accident settlement should I ask for? Every single case is different because every case is about a unique person and situation. But to give you an idea how we value cases, here’s an article and video showing how we figure out the amount to ask for in settlements.  

If you’ve got any other questions about your accident or getting a settlement, call our Spartanburg, South Carolina accident injury lawyer toll free at  888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now form.

Our Number One Burning Question For You: What Can These Spartanburg Accident Attorneys Do To Help You Today?

Everyone is unique, so everyone has unique questions and concerns.  This firm caters to you. 

Here’s how we do it.  We aim to exceed your expectations, and here’s basic commitments we offer to deliver that to you: 

  • We work as hard as we can to get the best result we can.
  • We will always be honest and sincere with you, even if we’re telling you things neither of us want to hear.
  • We keep you updated and informed on your case’s progress. 

We do all that to help you make the best legal decision for you. 

Our Initial Process To Help Accident Injury Victims:

  • We take over the insurance adjuster so you can focus on recovery and getting back to work. No more of the adjuster’s demands for information – or long delays when you need something from the adjuster, or unreturned phone calls And you don’t have to face the nagging doubts and fears you’re getting cheated or overlooking something that could cost you big time.

Our 6-Point Process To Handle Accident Injury Cases.

  1. Investigate the facts and secure evidence.  We seek statements, reports, pictures, and any other evidence from any source we can find. But it especially comes from you and any witnesses. 
  2. Obtain and analyze medical evidence.  We get all your medical records and bills to determine the physical and financial impact of your injuries.  We might even meet with your doctors for a fully understanding of the nature of your injuries and importantly, any future care they’ll require, so we can make a comprehensive presentation to the insurance company for a full settlement.
  3. Develop the impact of the injuries on you.  One of the biggest parts of your case is the pain and limitations you suffered.  We get a lot of input from you so everyone involved can understand what you went through due to the accident, which helps maximize your settlement. 
  4. Evaluate and discuss settlement with you.  Before we settle your accident injury case, we make sure you completely understand our evaluation – we even give you  a written settlement evaluation. 
  5. Send a demand letter to the insurance company to start negotiations. We present your case to the insurance company, with solid evidence to support a proper settlement amount.
  6. Negotiations and the next step.  As negotiations progress, we keep you as updated as you want.  If the insurance company refuses to pay a suitable amount, we file suit and handle your case in court. 

If you want to know more, check out what our process looks like

Don't Worry – Here’s What Our First Meeting Is Like

We know that no matter how nice we are or how welcoming our staff is, going to a lawyer is uncomfortable for many.  That’s why we give you a free preview to ease you in.  Check out what our first FREE, EASY strategy session is like

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South Carolina Accident, Injury, and Wrongful Death Cases We Handle:

While state and federal law regulate these facilities to prevent tragedies, it’s not enough. Residents suffer from chronically understaffed facilities, unqualified providers, and substandard care.

Sadly, you can’t always expect the home to be totally honest or even helpful in answering your questions how your loved one suffered harm.  When a resident gets hurt, sometimes the same employees who took mom or dad in with warm welcomes and reassurances offer only hurried meetings with short responses that don’t really address what you asked.

And facilities tend to fight these cases hard. Holding the facility accountable can be very complex, sometimes requiring several experts. If your parent or loved one gets harmed at a nursing home or assisted living facility, don’t look the other way. If you don’t speak up for them, no one will. We’ll work to answer your questions and see what can be done to vindicate the rights of the fragile person you trusted them to professionally care for.

Here’s free info that can help you spot whether your loved one suffers from improper care:

  • Medical Malpractice. We deeply admire doctors. But victim compensation is often the only meaningful way to deal with irreparable injury or death from substandard care. We have a select practice for these cases, limited to cases that:
  1. Do not involve a Spartanburg County radiologist, urologist, orthopedist or neurosurgeon. 
  2. Involves permanent injury or death. 
  3. Occurred no more than 18 months ago.

​​​If your case meets these criteria, we welcome the chance to discuss it with you to see if it merits further investigation.

Here’s more you should know if you’re considering a medical malpractice case:

If You're Seriously Hurt, You Don’t Have to Fight This on Your Own

You should be able to focus on your recovery without having to worry about whether you're messing up your one chance to get your medical bills paid and get properly compensated for your injuries. Hiring a South Carolina personal injury attorney is like going to the doctor for your injuries. You didn't go to the doctor because you wanted to. You needed professional help with a problem you couldn't solve, because doing it yourself could cause irreparable injury.

It's no different going to an experienced lawyer for your legal problem. When you take on the insurance company alone, you're an amateur taking on professionals whose job is to settle your case as cheap as possible. You owe it to yourself and your family to get a professional on your side, or you risk irreparable legal and financial injury. 

Our office is located at 101 W. St. John St., Suite 206, Spartanburg, SC 29306. We handle cases primarily in the Upstate area of South Carolina, especially Spartanburg, Cherokee, Greenville, Laurens, and Union counties, which includes the communities of Boiling Springs, Inman, Duncan, Lyman, Wellford, Woodruff, Landrum, Roebuck, Cowpens, Laurens, Gaffney, and Greer. But if the case justiffies it, we'll go anywhere to help someone who got injured by accident in South Carolina.

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Don’t worry, we won’t strong-arm you to hire us.  If you don’t, or if you don’t have a case where we’re confident we can help you, we’ll do all we can to get you where you need to go. 

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