Shockingly, in South Carolina, you can be convicted of drug “distribution” or even “trafficking” charges just due to the weight of drugs you’re caught with. The weight figures into sentencing, too

Basically, the law assumes you are a dealer, even if you’re not. It’s really kind of alarming, especially since it seems to defeat two bedrocks of our justice system—the presumption of innocence and the requirement the state prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is where getting tough on crime just gets tough on what our country got founded on.

But it’s the law, and we’re stuck with it. One good thing about the law is, since your case may be based on weight, a talented defense attorney may be able to flip the script on the police by showing they didn't weigh the drug properly, which could win your case.

Here’s another way it can work against you.

What You Possess May Create a Presumption You’re Dealing

For example, you can be charged with:

  • Possession with intent to distribute marijuana, if you got caught with more than one ounce.
  • Cocaine trafficking, if you got caught with more than 10 grams.

It gets worse. You can actually be charged with drug distribution for LESS THAN the required amounts if you’re caught with items associated with the drug trade, like digital scales, multiple baggies, and other paraphernalia.

If you’re charged with a drug crime, you may literally be facing punishment for a crime you had no intent to commit. Your luck’s run out. You need a skilled professional to help.

Contact one of our experienced drug defense attorneys to start plotting your defense today. Even if you’re guilty, you’ve still got justified hope a talented drug defense lawyer can preserve your future and your freedom. And a seasoned criminal defense lawyer may be able to find defenses you didn’t even know about.

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