Posted on Sep 28, 2018

A South Carolina Highway Patrol report updated September 26, 2018, gives some disheartening news: there were more fatal crashes on South Carolina roads this year than all of last year. The report cites 678 fatal wrecks so far in 2018, which is 2 more than 2017. The report includes all car, truck, motorcycle, moped, bicyclist, and even pedestrian accidents.

Reports like these always beg the question, what’s causing these tragedies? While we don’t yet have specifics for 2017 or 2018, the most recent statistics suggest little’s changed in the causes of deadly traffic accidents.

2016 Numbers Show Few Surprises in Fatal Crashes

The South Carolina Highway Patrol releases a study on statewide crashes for each year. Dubbed the “Collision Fact Book,” you can download it at the South Carolina Highway Patrol website. Since it takes a while to gather data and crunch numbers, the most recent version covers 2016. Here are some key causes it lists for lethal wrecks:

  • DUI. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs resulted in 206 fatal collisions.
  • Speeding. Driving too fast for road conditions or exceeding the speed limit combined for over 200 crashes ending in death.
  • Failing to yield. Failing to yield the right of way resulted in 115 deadly accidents.
  • Disregarding traffic signs or signals. Ignoring traffic safety devices led to 42 fatal wrecks.
  • Road rage. Aggressive driving caused 34 life-taking crashes.
  • Distracted driving. Not paying full attention to the roadway—like a good driver should—resulted in 9 fatal crashes.

What We Can Learn From This

You can look at the above list and pledge to do the exact opposite of what those drivers did. It’s simple, and it may save your life.

If you or your family lost a loved one in a tragic crash, we can’t tell you how sorry we are for your suffering. You do have legal rights, which you should explore to help you recover from the financial loss and hold a careless driver accountable for the victim's medical bills and suffering. Fill out our Get Help Now form at the top of this page or start a live chat right where you are to get your questions answered by an experienced car, truck, and motorcycle accident attorney.


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