In this brief book, written in non-lawyer language, Rob Usry, a Spartanburg accident attorney, answers the questions victims often ask about South Carolina car, truck, motorcycle, and tractor-trailer accident cases.  Accidents of any kind are stressful and the worry of not knowing your legal options adds to this trauma. We provide this information as a free service to give some relief to you or your friends and family.

What's Included in This Book

Holland & Usry's Car Accident eBookRead it and you may learn answers to questions you never thought to ask- but should be asking, including: 

  • What auto accident victims get money for—and where the money comes from,
  • Whether you should use health insurance to pay medical bills from the accident,
  • How legal claims stemming from traffic accidents generally work,
  • How to deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance company,
  • How tractor-trailer accident claims often differ from traditional accident claims, and why they require a different approach to be successful,
  • And perhaps most importantly, Rob gives some free pointers that can help your claim.

This book is not just for victims; it discusses an important way you can protect yourself and your family before an accident ever occurs.

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