Five stars are not enough for this firm. I was hurt at work and needed some one to guide me through the process. Actually, I was not even sure if I needed someone. I made an appointment went in and met with Mr. Usry or Rob. And trust me you call him Rob and you feel like family during and after the entire process.

Rob listened to my concerns, I had never been hurt on the job and was unsure honestly if I even needed an attorney. There was no pressure applied. In fact Rob's office provided a ton of free information, yes free. Rob's website also provided a ton of free information which reassured me that it was not about just the money but truly helping people.

Rob reassured me that they could help me but that if I needed to think it over or meet with other attorneys then he was content to wait. It was all about what I felt was best for me. Well honestly from the first moment I contacted his firm I spoke directly with him. That is right there was no " let me make you an appointment with one of our lawyers" I spoke with the lawyer I personally picked out.

Being a nurse for over twenty years and taking care of people I found people who helped take care of me. I signed with Rob and I felt honestly like I was their only client. Whenever, I called with a problem Rose, Rob, and Pam helped me. I can not tell you the weight it took off my shoulders. They got back to me the same day with the answer or with why it would take a little more time. Just incredible professionalism. You honestly feel you are the only one they are caring for.

My case took four years, and yes you read that right, four years, and three surgeries. There were times I wanted to just stop but luckily I had family, (Rob, Rose, and Pam) who helped me to fight on. Because it was a fight. The Workers Comp. company that I expected to look out for my rights were dropping the ball and causing me long term harm. But not Rob he fought for what I needed and ensured that I received it.

I spent many a tearful day on the phone to poor Rose and she was so nice to listen to my worries and complaints regarding Workers Comp denying me my medications that the physicians prescribed. But what a blessing to be able to call the office and speak with Rose and lay it in her competent hands. Just a saint.

This review does not even convey how wonderful this group is. I have to say if there is one doubt in your mind put it aside and call them today. If you have been hurt at work just call Rob and discuss your case. I thought workers comp would take care of me. I learned the hard way that isn't always true.

Thank you Rob, Rose, and Pam I am glad that I am finished with Workers Comp. You helped me to get that load off my shoulders. You also helped us to get a settlement that will help compensate for the injuries I received. A settlement I must say that was tremendously more than I expected. I will always recommend you to anyone. You will always be my lawyer and friend.


Jennifer Winkelman