Dear Rob,

I hope this letter does as much for you as you have for me and my loved ones.  The day me and my husband met you at Bob Holland’s office, my husband and I walked away we knew you were the lawyer who would work hardest, sincerest, and honestly.  You were heartfelt and seemed to really want to help.  The day we went to court you surpassed my expectations.  You were all the above and more.  You’re so honest while turning negatives into positives, empathetic, sympathetic while being authentic.  I have never seen all these things from a lawyer.  You have a lot going for you as a lawyer.  People like me need you.  No offense I hope I’ll never need a lawyer again.  If I did, it would definitely be you.  This entire event was a divine intervention.  Mike and myself wish you the best.


Carla S. - Felony DUI client