Dear Rob,

It was a blessing and a God send when you decided to take my case. I had been struggling with phone calls from workers comp and believe me they are not an easy lot to communicate with. It seemed like a never-ending battle of fighting with them to get what I needed to recuperate and get back to work.

When you took my case I no longer had to worry about my doctor’s appointments, rehab, surgeries or medications being covered. You did all the work and took over the correspondence with workers comp. It gave me back some semblance of normalcy and enabled me to actually concentrate on getting better. For that there are not enough words to convey my gratitude.

I am also eternally grateful that you fought for me when comp decided I should just have a knee replacement against the doctor’s advice because the surgery he recommended did not fit within their budget. I did get the surgery that my surgeon wanted me to have because you fought to get what was right for me and did not let me fall through the cracks like so many others who do not have the representation that they need.

It was a pleasure to work with someone who saw me as a person and not just another number on a case file or a dollar sign at the end of it all. You actually care and that meant the world to me. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff I have 100% treatment for both knees for the rest of my life.

I only hope that others will benefit from your knowledge, experience and kindness as I did when I needed it most.

Dawn S. - Lyman workers compensation client

Dawn S. - Lyman workers compensation client