Severely hurt South Carolina employees who don’t qualify for maximum workers’ compensation benefits may get significant benefits known as “wage loss” or “lost earning capacity.” Qualifying for these benefits is tricky

But if you can prove your case the right way, you can be eligible for vital benefits that will keep your household running when you can’t earn what you did before.

Spoiler alert: to prove your case the right way takes professional knowledge and experience. If you're this seriously hurt, you can't afford an amateur mistake.  Find out how to get the best settlement in a free, no pressure strategy session with a Spartanburg, SC workers’ comp attorney. Call toll free at 888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now form.

What You Get in Wage Loss Benefits

Potential benefits include:

Financial benefits

The law describes it as two-thirds of the difference between pre-injury average weekly wages and post-injury average weekly wages, up to a maximum of 340 weeks.

Let’s unpack that. Say you earned an average of $1,000 a week before you got hurt. Your vocational report—prepared by our expert—estimates your injuries limit your future wages to $400 a week. The difference is $1,000 minus $400 = $600. Two-thirds of $600 is $400. Multiplying this by the 340 weeks legally available gives you a maximum financial package of $136,000.

You can see how a settlement reflecting wage loss benefits can help secure you and your family's financial future after a devastating injury. Also, you may have a case even if you're not sure, as shown by this case study, where we obtained a nice wage loss settlement when the insurance company thought they could get out cheap and quick.

Medical benefits

You may also qualify for continuing, free medical care related to your injuries.

It’s Every Bit as Complex as It Is Critical

Even if your injuries affect only one body part, just considering your settlement options can be overwhelming. But when an injury affects several body parts, it gets even more complex—and critical—to explore all your options to go for the best settlement package for you. Don’t risk losing the maximum possible benefits, which may include lifetime medical care, since workers’ compensation total disability may not be what you think.

You need a professional to guide you to the best way. And the worse you’re hurt, the harder the insurance company will fight against you, because it’s more costly to the company’s profits (and the managers’ quarterly bonuses). Don’t go it alone against insurance professionals; you’re an amateur in the workers’ comp arena. Call us toll free at  888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now form to see if we can level the playing field for you.


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