How do you win a case against the South Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) for a dangerous road or inadequate road signs? Victims may be shocked to discover it’s not enough to say “Look how steep this shoulder drop-off is,” or “There’s no way I could see this sign in time to stop.” And you can rest assured the DOT will have its employees and experts telling how it did nothing wrong. They may even try blaming you.

To get a good settlement or verdict in a bad highway conditions case, you’ve got to prove DOT knew or should have known the road posed a danger, but did nothing to fix it or warn you about it. There are many ways to prove this, but one of the most critical can be testimony from an expert.

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How Expert Testimony Can Help Win Your Case

Experts are like teachers. For you, the expert’s job is teaching the DOT’s insurance company or the jury that DOT hurt you by not doing its job. Here are a few examples of experts and how they help your case:

  • Accident reconstruction experts tell how a road defect caused the crash that hurt you. They can explain to the jury that the DOT is wrong in saying the crash is all your fault.
  • Traffic safety engineers can testify how substandard warning signs, improper traffic light timing—or the total lack of proper signs or a traffic light—caused the crash.
  • Highway design, construction, and maintenance engineers can testify how faulty construction or lack of proper road upkeep caused the crash.
  • Highway transport engineers can testify about the low cost to fix or prevent the type of crash that harmed you—like installing median or cable barriers.
  • Road or pavement contractors can testify how the highway was improperly graded or otherwise built wrong.

Let a Professional Find You the Right Experts

Regular folks don’t have these experts in their phone contacts. And not just any expert will do— you need to find the right one who can testify convincingly and stand up to DOT challenges.

The DOT will defend itself ferociously to prevent any indication it caused your severe injuries or the death of your loved one. That’s an important reason why you should consult with an experienced injury lawyer who can help you find the right expert for your case. You need someone who can stand up for you and find an expert to stand up to DOT.

If you’ve been hurt due to poor roads or the lack of a proper warning sign, start an email or live chat right where you are for a free meeting to strategize the best way to present your case.


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