You didn’t think you'd had too much to drink, but suddenly a police officer slaps cuffs on your wrist and hauls you in.

Facing a DUI or DUAC charge in Spartanburg is a humiliating experience—even a frightening one. As you begin to think of the consequences a conviction can have on your job, your family, and your future, you may become overwhelmed. In situations like this, it is important to remember you have options.

But you’ve got to take action to help yourself. Here’s some things you should do.

Four Tips to Help You Get the Best Outcome in Your DUI/DUAC case:

Learn about your case

DUI law is complex, with many consequences and even defenses you may not know. For example, if your license got suspended at arrest, you’ve got a critical deadline affecting your right to drive.

To help folks like you, I wrote this FREE DUI/DUAC case report you can download.

Stay calm and don’t give up

Worry and anger, while natural, only hurt you. Confront these emotions, but don’t let them run your life or ruin your case. Taking action to protect yourself, to fight for your innocence, and even just to get answers can help overcome your tendency to panic. There’s a great place to start, coming next.

Hire an experienced DUI/DUAC defense attorney

Even if you think you’re guilty, you may have defenses you don’t know. I’ll meet you for free to answer your questions, get your side of story, and talk about what I can do to help. I'll also be happy to meet with any friends or family who're helping you out in this really hard time.

Here’s a preview how I defend your case.

If you don’t have a lawyer, don’t miss court!

The court date for your DUI/DUAC criminal charge is on your ticket. If you miss it, expect to be convicted without ever having the chance to contest the charge.

Let Us See What We Can Do To Help

Facing a DUI or DUAC is overwhelming. By following these tips, you protect yourself. Put your freedom and reputation—and your right to drive—in the hands of a trained professional. Start a live chat to get back on the road, and back on the path toward get the best possible outcome in your case.

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