We rescued a damsel in distress, earning a settlement for almost all available insurance for a car accident in Inman, including some she didn’t know she had.

Cindy S., a widow, suffered a severely broken wrist when an unlicensed driver ran a stop sign and slammed into her car door as she drove her daughters home. Cindy came to us when the unlicensed driver's insurance company dragged its feet and tried to get her to settle on the cheap. Like many folks who come to us, she’d been worn thin by insurance company delays and tricks- she needed a professional to fight the battle for her. Once we got involved, that insurance company settled quickly – and we reduced our fee to help Cindy get more money.

How Our Car Crash Attorneys Fought the Insurance Company

The car Cindy drove in the crash belonged to her deceased husband’s father. It had underinsurance (UIM), coverage you can buy to get more money when the at fault driver doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your injuries.  That insurance company fought tooth and nail against paying what it owed.  It first denied coverage, but gave up when Rob pointed out South Carolina law and the policy itself required coverage. Then it made a lowball offer. We filed suit.

The case settled before depositions. Father-in-law’s UIM paid its entire $100,000.00 policy limit.  In our investigation, we discovered Cindy had UIM coverage on a car she owned that was not involved in the crash.  Using a legal tactic called stacking, we obtained another $17,500.00 from that policy, for a total settlement of $167,500.00 Cindy felt relieved about taking. 



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