Hopefully. While South Carolina law requires drivers to carry only $25,000 liability insurance, that amount can be woefully inadequate when someone gets hurt badly; however, you may have additional insurance on your own policy that you can use. It’s called underinsurance (UIM), and it’s designed for this very purpose – to help you get compensated when the driver who hurt you does not carry enough auto insurance to cover your injuries. UIM can help get you fully compensated or at least get you a better car accident settlement.

If you're hurt in a motorcycle accident, don't worry. Motorcycles can use UIM, too.

The best thing about UIM is, in the right situations, it can give even more coverage than you might think, through a legal tactic called "stacking."

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If you're not convinced about how vital UIM can be to protect you and your family in a South Carolina car crash, read some of our clients' stories:

UIM coverage is so important that South Carolina law requires your insurance agent to offer it in a specific way. If you're just reading this for information and wonder if you have it, consult your policy immediately, and if you don't have it, call your agent to redo your policy to get you as much as possible. It just might save you from financial ruin if you ever get hurt in a car accident.

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If you're hurt badly enough to need UIM, you should consult an experienced accident attorney about your case. You've got a lot to lose, and you risk it all by taking on the insurance companies alone.


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