Posted on Aug 24, 2015

An August 19, 2015 article on The Daily Beast reveals we can’t just take it for granted Tracy Morgan will host Saturday Night Live on October 17. In fact, we should be awed. The article interviews his brain doctor, Dr. Brian Greenwald, medical director at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in Edison, New Jersey, where Morgan still treats.

Dr. Greenwald gives us a glimpse into the harrowing world of brain injuries—and how Morgan’s recovery from his tractor trailer crash is truly remarkable.

The Aftermath of a Brain Injury

We previously reported the cause and severity of Tracy Morgan's 18-wheeler crash. Dr. Greenwald reveals the aftermath for Morgan, which can be typical for brain injury victims. Sadly, we’ve seen similar symptoms in our clients in brain injury cases:

  • Coma. Morgan was in a coma for weeks, even when transferred to Dr. Greenwald two weeks after the crash.
  • Extended hospitalization. Morgan stayed in the hospital at least two weeks before transfer to Dr. Greenwald.
  • Long-term inpatient rehab. He stayed at Dr. Greenwald’s medical rehabilitation center for a month before he finally could be released.
  • Long-term medical monitoring. Morgan continues to see Dr. Greenwald once a month…over a year after the crash.
  • Initial helplessness and memory loss. When Morgan emerged from his coma, he had memory loss. He couldn’t do basic tasks without help. He was also agitated.
  • Lingering aftereffects. The article reports Morgan stated in a June Today Show interview he still doesn’t feel normal and his goal remains to get better.
  • Other serious injuries. Morgan also suffered a badly broken leg. As of June, he still needed a cane to walk.
  • Permanent damage. Dr. Greenwald notes that brain injuries not only can cause permanent memory loss, but also they often create fatigue and mood problems. Thankfully, he states Morgan does well here. But it may be harder for him to memorize his lines to do his job.

Dr. Greenwald called Morgan “a miracle.” We can all be thankful we can hope to continue to share his comic genius and his will to overcome a devastating crash and its impact on his life should inspire us all.

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