In the beginning months of the year 2013 I was in a car accident. I was blessed enough  to be referred to Holland and Usry Law Firm. My view and opinion of lawyers was a skeptical one, a very skeptical one. I didn't trust them, I had never had a good experience with one, and coming from the previous experience, I was less than completely patient.


From the moment I called their office and spoke with the receptionist I was met with sincerity and honesty. I was able to get an appointment that same day. Every step of the process was explained to me in great detail, and their patience and understanding of my skepticism and caution was amazing. I was kept updated every step of the way. Every phone call I made was returned, they copied me on every piece of paperwork that was sent and/or received, and every decision that was made was my own. I was extremely well informed at every point. That made me very happy and confident in the knowledge and capability of the people I was entrusting my future to.


My case was settled in less than four months after my initial appointment!! My case was also settled for almost the exact dollar amount that was initially expressed to me as what they thought to be worth. 


I was elated when I received that phone call to come pick up my check, but saddened at the same time. I enjoyed working with and speaking with my lawyer, be it good or not so good news, it was always given with a smile and a non-defeatist attitude. Rob and his team were some of the most kind and pleasant people I have ever had the pleasure of doing any kind of business with.


I thank them all from the bottom of my heart and if I was ever to need a lawyer again for anything, I would entrust my case to Mr. Holland and Mr. Usry. If it wasn't along the lines of their expertise, I would still trust their opinion and/or their referral. I am now able to pay off all of my debt that accrued as a result of this accident, and that was all that I wanted to be able to do. Everything that I told them I wanted to accomplish, they made it possible. I can’t thank them enough.

Catherine H., Spartanburg SC car crash client