We lost my beloved father three and half years ago.  He was my heart, the man I looked up to and cherished.  That loss, at times felt unbearable.  One of the saddest parts of my story is that we lost him because of the negligence of others.  After some of the shock had worn off and we had taken some time to allow ourselves to start the process of life without him, we decided to seek legal counsel to discuss the situation. We met with Mr. Rob Usry.  Even though that time of my life was somewhat of a blur I remember very well the compassion and warmth that Mr. Usry gave to myself, my siblings and my mother.  He, over time, kept me informed of all the details of our case.  I never made a  phone call to him that he wasn't able to take, no questions unanswered.  He worked as hard and long as it took to get where we needed to go, one day at a time.  He did accomplish his task of righting the wrong that had been done to our family.  Short of bringing my father back, he did everything humanly possible to set things right so that we might have some peace.

I cannot ever thank the law firm of Holland and Usry enough for giving me someone I could completely trust and rely on to help us when we were not able to help ourselves.

- Clinton, wrongful death client