Probably not. He’s an adjuster working for the insurance company hoping you’ll give up so his employer can save lots of money.

First Things First

The first thing to remember is that the colorless puddle was a hidden danger to you as your eyes focused on the shelves, exactly where the store wants your eyes to be. That’s why stores have the responsibility to keep their floors safe for customers they invite in to look at the shelves, not the floor. You have a right to trust the store to keep its floor safe.

But the insurance company adjuster knows you don't know how to make the law work for you. He's a professional at these cases. You're an amateur. Get your own professional on the case to enhance your chances at a good South Carolina accident injury settlement. Schedule a free, no pressure strategy session with a Spartanburg, SC personal injury attorney. Call toll free at 888-230-1841 or get your questions answered by filling out a Get Help Now form.  

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Spartanburg slip or trip and fall victims are often their own worst enemy in choosing to not hold the store accountable. You have a right to safety, and are justified having it enforced by being compensated for your injuries. It’s not your fault you fell.

Proving the Store’s Responsibility

There are several basic ways a Spartanburg slip and fall lawyer can help prove the store did not keep you safe, making it responsible for your injuries:

  • The store created the danger. For example, an employee knocked the container of the liquid over, and just left the spill.
  • The store knew about the danger, but didn’t fix it. Employees or management saw the spill or took a report about it, but didn’t immediately clean it up or put any bright warning cones or “wet floor” signs nearby to warn you.
  • The store should have known about the danger. The store didn’t regularly inspect its floors to find hazards that could hurt unsuspecting customers like you.
  • Even if the spill is obvious, that’s not necessarily much of a defense. South Carolina stores can still be liable for customers who get hurt in obvious spills, for two reasons. First, our law holds stores should expect customers to encounter these dangers, so the store should fix them or at least warn customers. Second, stores expect customers to focus on the shelves, not floors. If you’re focused on the shelves, you might never see the danger on the floor. The store has the best chance to prevent your injury.

At Holland & Usry, we know slip or trip and fall victims face an uphill battle from the challenge in showing it’s the store’s fault and the potentially life-changing injuries they suffer. If you’ve been hurt in a Spartanburg slip or trip and fall, you owe it to yourself to call us for a free meeting to see if we can help you get compensated for your injuries the store could’ve prevented.

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