In the video above, Ginny and Wayne Robinson describe working with Rob and our firm after she got hurt in a car crash and the insurance company refused to help, even though Wayne is an insurance agent himself. 

Ginny remarks, "When we came to see you, that was absolutely wonderful. If it can be pleasant to have to have an attorney, you made it pleasant. . . . your whole staff did. I just can't say enough how nice it was to work with you. . . . It just has been a pleasure to know you and to work with you."

Says Wayne, "We always felt like we could talk with you. You took our best interests at heart. Don't waste time, just let [Rob] handle it because you just completely took everything off of us. . . . I wouldn't even look for another lawyer. You'd be the one I come to."

Ginny and Wayne Robinson, Boiling Springs car accident clients