I would like to thank you for setting my case so quickly.  What you did will help me tremendously with getting things back the way they were before the wreck happened.

I was rear ended by a lady doing 50 in a 25 mile an hour zone.  She was in a small 4 door car and I was on my Harley.  I have several injuries and it totaled my bike.  I had to work with my insurance company to get the full value of my bike paid for because her company was dragging their feet.  After around 2 years her insurance company finally made me a settlement offer.  It was only a fraction of the cost of replacing the bike and the medical bills, not to count the money I lost being off work for 6 months. We battled back and forth with the insurance company for a while and they said that the offer they sent to us was all that they could give hoping we would take the settlement and let it go.  We decided it was time to get a lawyer involved. 

We called and set up an appointment with your office, and you and your staff were great at letting us know what we need to do to proceed with the case.  Once we got everything together and you sent out the demand letter, the insurance company buckled and gave us the full amount of the policy that was on the ladies car that hit me. 

Once again, Thank you for what you did to help us get this settled in a timely manner-we only wish we would have contacted you sooner.

Warm regards,


Jeffrey Mullinax, Duncan motorcycle crash client