From the very beginning that my ordeal began, I always felt that no matter what, Rob and his team would fight for my innocence.  Not only did they meet any expectations that I had, they completely surpassed them. 

I was always amazed not only in how hard he worked, but he truly cared for me as a person.  From going to meetings, to keeping informed as the case progressed, and even just simply asking how I was holding up.  Every single phone call between Rob and myself, the very first thing he would ask is how am I doing, how am I holding up. Dealing with a personal crisis and a court case, that meant more to me than he will ever know. 

I truly was lucky to have such a great support system, and legal team.  Every single time that I went into his office, between Rob and his legal team, I was given a confidence boost that they weren't going to stop until my innocence was proven.  Again, they all exceeded expectations, it felt like a family.  They believed in my innocence, they fought for it, and most importantly they never wavered in supporting me. 

In court, Rob amazed me. I truly was impressed while sitting in court how prepared Rob was.  It was amazing to watch someone fight on my behalf with such vigor and seeing the hours upon hours of work come to fruition. There was a certain calmness about Rob every day we had to go to court that brought me peace.     He took every avenue, from experts, to calling numerous witnesses associated with my case, basically he left NO stone unturned. 

I could probably write a novel on how absolutely happy I am with not only the outcome, but how happy I am in his preparation, his FIGHT, and what meant the most to me, the fact he truly cared.  I will always be eternally grateful to not only be proven innocent, but for the best decision I have ever made when this began.  That was choosing Rob Usry, and his team to represent me.  He is genuine, a fighter in court, and when choosing him I not only gained a lawyer, I gained a friend for life.  Not only was I proven innocent, I gained a friend and a belief there is a person out there who will defend the innocent fervently.

M. Johnson, Spartanburg client accused of crime