Rob Usry helped me out tremendously.  Getting into trouble with the law is a very daunting experience and finding the BEST representation isn't easy.  Rob Usry cares about you and your case while working very hard to get you the best possible outcome.  I was facing a serious weapon charge and Rob helped me through the process by assuring me that everything in the end was gonna work out to our advantage and sure enough it did.  I cannot thank Rob any more and I appreciate his honesty and him following up with me every step of the way in the process.  A lot of attorneys are money hungry and don't take the time out for their clients, but not Rob. I am an out of state client and Mr. Usry contacted me on a regular basis updating me on the case and where it was heading. Eventually we got into the PTI program where my charges will eventually be dismissed after completion.  I highly recommend this law firm, thank you Rob!

Marlon Miller, Spartanburg illegal gun charge client