When you get seriously hurt in a car or truck acccident caused by an employee in a company vehicle, you can sue the business. In this brief video, Spartanburg, South Carolina car and motorcycle accident attorney Rob Usry explains why going after the employer's insurance company actually makes your case harder for you.

Accidents Involving Company Vehicles

Hey folks, here's a question we get sometimes, "can I sue a business if I'm hurt in a car accident by a company driver?" Yes, if the at fault driver is driving for work. Businesses with company drivers have plenty of insurance, most of the time, to pay accident settlements, but that doesn't mean they're going to give it away, even if you're badly hurt. They're going to protect their money. They're going to have trained professionals to help them do it like a claims rep whose job it is to lure you into a cheap settlement. And you can bet they've probably got a lawyer on retainer who's ready to go to work against you. They might even have experts and investigators at the scene before you get out of the hospital.

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