In South Carolina, victims of car accidents caused by drunk drivers risk losing valuable compensation if they don't handle their case with professional know-how. That includes cases where you're thankfully unhurt but still need a settlement to repair or replace your car. In this brief video, Spartanburg, South Carolina car accident attorney Rob Usry details how to enhance your case with the potential for punitive damages these dangerous drivers owe, but their insurance companies will never pay unless you know what you're doing.

Hey folks, here's a question we get sometimes. “If I get hit by a drunk driver do I need an attorney to help get my property damage paid?” You should definitely consider one because your case involves punitive damages which can be really hard to prove. To get a proper settlement you'll need to know how to get the dui case file on the at fault driver from the police. You’ll need to know what evidence to look for in that. You’ll need to know how to get a criminal background check on the at fault driver so you can determine if he's had prior DUIs and if so how to use that evidence to enhance your case. Finally, and most importantly, you'll need to know how to present it to the at fault drivers insurance company and maybe even your own in a way to convince them that evidence will get admitted at trial.

Get Help Proving Punitive Damages After Being Made A Victim

An experienced DUI accident attorney can help you with that. If you've got questions about being the victim of a drunk driver call us or fill out a get help now form and we can answer your questions or even schedule you for a free, easy, no pressure, strategy, session to get you on the road to a solid settlement. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.


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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.