After Ginny suffered injuries in a car wreck her husband Wayne tried to settle the claim alone, but got nowhere, even though he works for an insurance company.

They describe what it was like working with our firm to solve their problem. 

"Since my husband works for an insurance company he tried to handle it with the other companies’ claims office and when that nothing had happened in probably six months then we came to see you."

"Well, I hated to give up on myself trying to handle it but after she said, after I turned it over to our insurance company and because it was our insurance company I didn't think it was the right thing to do to them, then I thought it was time to get a lawyer. They came up with ideas and situations I've never really heard of. So it would not cost them any money so they're not taking any liability or responsibility."

"There's no excuse for poor manners and so we came to see you that was absolutely wonderful. If it can be pleasant to have to have an attorney you made it pleasant, and your whole staff did."

"Well she pretty much enclosed my sentiment exactly and we always felt like we could talk with you, you know. It was never like you were in a hurry to get us out of here, it was never like you were not interested in what we said, it was always, say, hey you know, you took our best interest at heart is the way we felt."

"Don’t waste those first few months, come on and make an appointment with you."

"Just don't waste time, just come on in and let you handle it because you completely took everything off of us."

 "I just can't say enough how nice it was to work with you and your Miss Fran out there in the front and your paralegals it just has been a pleasure to know you and to work with you."

"And if I ever need any legal expertise any more in the fields that you’re in, I wouldn't look for another lawyer, you’d be the one I’d come to. "

Rob Usry
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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.