In serious injury cases, doctors order ​Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs). This brief video reveals exactly why doctors need them, and why the results are important for you, too- especially if you have a work injury case.

We're talking about why functional capacity evaluations or an FCE get ordered by doctors. FCE are important because doctors use them to give permanent impairment ratings which assess the amount of permanent damage you sustained from your injury. It can have a big impact on your case. If you got a worker's comp case, it may help the doctor determine whether you can still do your job. If you can't do your job, that can have a huge impact on your case because it can give you the right to seek significant medical and financial benefits.

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FCE Explained

The FCE itself is a series of physical tests and you can check out our website to see what sort of tests are involved there, but from the evaluators standpoint there are three main purposes. First, can you still do your job? The evaluator often has a copy of your job description with them. Second, what type of work do you qualify for under United States Department of Labor guidelines? There’s five categories, sitting light, medium, heavy, and very heavy. Third, what type of motion loss and loss of strength have you suffered as a result of your injury. The evaluator himself or herself as it goes is probably going to be a physical therapist who's experienced and given these tests. At the end of your test the evaluator issues a thorough report to your doctor for analysis and then the doctor uses it to make his decision about your permanent impairment rating and your ability to work in the future.

In the end if you're hurt seriously enough to need an FCE you need to make sure your legal rights are being protected to full compensation for that injury. if you've got questions about your injury case feel free to start a live chat or fill out our get help now right on our website and you'll get answers from an experienced injury attorney I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

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