Families suffering the shock and agony of losing a loved one in an accident often don’t know where to turn for help with their grief. Sometimes they don’t even know they need help with it.

During these times, we all need someone to lean on, no matter how strong we are.

I’m not a therapist, but I know grief is a process everyone must work through, or it can hound you forever. Unresolved grief can damage your life beyond repair, transforming you into an angry or hopeless person.

When we have clients who lose loved ones in accidents, here are some resources we recommend to counsel and console them in their grief:

  • Pastor or church. The faith community can be a powerful resource, with access to a wealth of help, whether they offer it to you in-house or refer you to other community resources. These folks are professionals in grief counseling and the various forms it takes, and can help steer you to the best option in the most compassionate way.
  • Doctor. Similar to the faith community, the medical community has access to numerous experts and various treatments that can help you overcome sadness. And it may be you suffer from situational depression that could require medication or referral to a specialist to help you cope with your grief reaction.
  • Counselor or therapist. Some of these professionals actually specialize in grief. You might be able to find one through the groups above or family and friends. Your therapist may be able to recommend formal or informal support groups where people whose lives have been upended by sudden tragedies meet for comfort, consolation, and reassurance.
  • Get with people! Sadness is a twisted emotion: it can make you crave being alone, but this is very dangerous because isolation actually enhances depression. Stay involved with your family and friends—and remember they can be some of the best resources to help you cope with grief and find professionals to help you. And remember, one of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to do something kind for somebody else. Do it in your loved one’s memory. You might also find a group for folks like you to share their experiences and encourage each other.

Suffering should remind us we were not created to live alone. While grief is real and justified and cannot be ignored, we have too much life to live to let it consume us. Reach out, even if you don’t want to.

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