You didn’t ask to get hurt on the job, but you did. Now you’ve got to deal with it, and you’ve got to do it right because significant union worker's comp rights are at stake. And you’ve got a workman's comp filing deadline. Miss it, and those rights are gone forever.

If you're worried the deadline's running or you need help notifying your employer, get your questions answered in a free, no pressure strategy session with a Spartanburg, SC workers’ comp attorney. Call toll free at 888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now form.

So who do you tell when you get hurt at work? Ideally, you tell your supervisor or manager at the job site when it happens. If symptoms pop up when you’re off, tell them immediately when you report back.

  • Don’t let anyone put you off. If you’re in pain, be a pain. Go up the chain of command until someone takes action for you. Talk to human resources or the owner. You need help before you get way worse.
  • What should happen after I tell my employer I got hurt at work? Whoever you report it to should start the wheels turning to get you to the doctor. The workers’ compensation insurance company should be called to start your claim. A trip to the company doctor—paid for by the insurance company—should shortly follow. You might fill out some paperwork. Speaking of paperwork, you need to know about some very important workman's comp forms that can impact your rights.

After you do this, congratulations! You’ve done all you can to start your case. But you can’t always count on your employer to do it right, and you sure can’t depend on the insurance company to do right by you. It’s a complicated system that can take advantage of you, which is why I wrote a FREE BOOK to help you navigate the choppy waters of South Carolina workers’ comp.

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