Unfortunately not, but you can recover for other damage to your marital relationship as a result of the accident. It’s called loss of consortium. If you actually witnessed the accident from a nearby view point, you might also qualify to recover for extreme emotional distress, provided you can meet the fairly tough burden of proof, which we also discuss below.

What About Employment-Related Injuries?

If your spouse got hurt in a workers’ compensation accident—in other words, got hurt on the job—the South Carolina workers’ compensation law unfortunately provides no recovery for you. Because these benefits are already limited, it makes it even more important to be sure your spouse has an experienced lawyer to protect his or her rights against an insurance company bent on saving money and increasing profits by shortchanging injured workers. Vital benefits are at risk, including permanent disability compensation and future medical treatment, especially if your spouse qualifies as permanently and totally disabled.

Contact A Spartanburg Injury Attorney To Learn Solutions To Your Problem

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