If you’ve gotten hurt in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, you might wonder if there’s a legal difference for South Carolina cases.

In my experience, the key difference between a slip or trip is what caused the fall:

  • A slip and fall accident usually results from a substance on the floor that makes it slippery.
  • A trip and fall accident usually results from an object on the floor that your foot gets caught on.

Both are dangerous. Slip and fall injuries include torn knee cartilage like a meniscus or ligaments like the ACL, broken hips, legs, and broken arms. Trips can cause violent falls directly onto your head, causing a traumatic brain injury and sometimes even death.

This Is Complicated. Get Legal Help.

Proving fault is often the biggest challenge to getting a settlement for slip and fall or trip and fall injuries. And it’s your job as the victim to prove fault, as unfair as that sounds. This is called “legal liability.” Worse, slip, trip, and fall law is complicated—and tough on victims who don’t know what they’re doing. Luckily, experienced attorneys know exceptions that can help you win your case if they apply.

Just proving liability in a slip or trip and fall case involves skillfully piecing many factors together. You need a professional to mold the evidence into a solid case for fault so you can have a shot at a good settlement.

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