A tractor-trailer safety expert can help your case in many ways, as I’ve pointed out before.

Your attorney should be able to find one for you. It can be hard for an attorney, even an experienced one, to know what trucking safety issues will arise in your case. Ideally, your lawyer will look for an expert witness with many years working in the trucking industry, handling a variety of matters commonly found in these cases.

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Qualifications for Tractor-Trailer Safety Expert Witnesses

In general, not just anyone can be one. Expert witnesses must satisfy a surpisingly high legal standard to a judge before they can testify in court as an expert. Here are some basic qualifications your expert will likely need:

  • Work experience. An excellent candidate might’ve owned a trucking company. He or she should’ve held an executive or supervisor-level position in the industry, like serving as a safety director or human resources officer or personnel director.
  • Court experience. Extensive experience testifying as an expert helps, too.

The key is whether the expert is an authoritative witness the jury will believe knows what he or she is testifying about.

How Much Money Will I Need?

Like most experts, the typical tractor-trailer safety expert may charge a retainer fee, then get paid at an hourly rate for the time spent working on your case.

Luckily, you shouldn’t need any of your own money. Your attorney pays the expert for you, then gets paid back from your settlement or verdict as part of your contingency fee agreement.

Hire a Lawyer You Trust—Because That’s Who Hires the Expert

Skilled attorneys choose experts carefully, aiming for the right mix of experience and communication skills to explain complicated things clearly and simply.

Here are tips on hiring an experienced accident attorney you can trust. If you want to know what it’s like to work with us, check out these reviews on a website we don’t own.

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