If you’re seriously hurt or lose a family member in a semi-trailer crash, there’s a lot at stake for you legally. As wrong as it sounds, it’s up to you to prove your right to a settlement.

Make no mistake—trucking accident cases can be complicated. Truckers and trucking companies are regulated by a maze of federal laws that can help your case. Experienced trucking attorneys know cases sometimes require a trucking industry expert to improve your chances at maximum compensation.

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What Does a Trucking Expert Witness Do to Help an 18-Wheeler Victim?

These experts know federal regulations backward and forward. Basically, they do three things to help you and your attorney:

  1. Help gather evidence to prove your case. An important part of any trucking case is proving federal law violations that can help hold the trucking company accountable. It can also lead to punitive damages. To do this, you’ve got to know what evidence to look for and how to ask for it. This involves the legal process of discovery. The expert can help the attorney use discovery to build your case.
  2. Analyze evidence to build a case strategy. Once you get the evidence, you need to know how to use it. Trucking experts can help find clear legal violations and point out the mistakes that caused the crash, which your attorney can use to strengthen your case.
  3. Testify about the evidence in court. A seasoned expert knows how to give clear, well-grounded reasons how responsible parties could’ve prevented the tragedy, and may also give the jury evidence to justify punitive damages.

Specific items trucking expert witnesses testify about include:       

Good Lawyers Know What They Don’t Know

Good lawyers know they don’t know it all, so they hire experts to help. If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with us, check out these reviews on a website we don’t own.

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