Yes. As pointless as it may seem, you can get a DUI no matter how close you are to home—even your driveway.

I’ve had clients charged who:

  • Told officers they were almost home,
  • Pointed to their homes on the street where they got pulled,
  • Got taken from their driveway in handcuffs.

Here’s why it can happen (not that it helps you feels better, but it’s the truth): some officers have their minds made up you drove under the influence and don’t care if you made it safely to your destination.

And you can still be convicted. If convicted, you get no breaks for making it home. You can still face the same harsh penalties which can include administrative license suspension, criminal punishment, and even ignition interlock.

You need help. The arresting officer already ignored your pleas for mercy. It’s time to invest in a professional who stands on your side and who can design a defense to win your case at trial—or maybe get the officer to back down and reduce the DUI to a charge you can live with.

And here’s what we can do to help. We have the knowledge to find defenses you don’t even know, and the skills to present them effectively in court.

I’ve even written a book on these cases I’ll give you for free. Call us now at (888) 230-1841  to schedule a free meeting to answer your questions and build your defense, or just send us an email or live chat right where you are.


Rob Usry
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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.