No. South Carolina law forbids your employer from firing you just because you filed a valid workers compensation claim. This is called “retaliatory discharge.” If that happens, you can file a lawsuit to prove your employer violated this law. If you win, you can recover wages you lost as a result of the violation, and you might get a court order reinstating you to your former position.

If your employer truly cares about his employees, he’ll want to do everything he can to help make sure you’re okay. It’s pretty simple: you work hard for him and he needs to take care of you when you get hurt doing his work.

You have the legal right—and likely the need—to partial wage replacement when you can’t work, medical care to get you back to work, and compensation for any permanent disability. Finally, remember it’s probably not your boss personally footing the bill; it’s almost always paid for by the worker’s compensation insurance coverage he bought just for this.

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