Don’t beat yourself up. If you’re reading this, chances are that’s already happened—you got beat down by a careless driver who crashed into you, scaring you to death and badly injuring you.

Sure, you should’ve worn your seatbelt. But maybe you were just running a short errand, or maybe you got caught up in the business of your day and forgot.

But that’s not the point. The point is, the car accident wasn’t your fault. If the at-fault driver had obeyed the law and looked out for your safety, your unused seatbelt wouldn’t matter.

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South Carolina Code § 56-5-6540 and Failure To Wear A Seatbelt 

Better yet, South Carolina law understands this. South Carolina Code § 56-5-6540(c) declares failure to wear a seatbelt is inadmissible evidence in a personal injury trial—and that includes fatal cases.

That means you still qualify for a settlement even though you didn’t wear your seatbelt. All potential avenues of compensation remain open to you as long as they‘re supported by the evidence.

Now That You’re Relieved, Learn More

Since we’ve cleared the air of your first, biggest worry about your car crash case, you’re free to move on to other questions.

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