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FREE BONUS: When you contact us today, you can receive a free copy of our guide to South Carolina workers' compensation cases: The Hurt Workers Toolkit. In it, you’ll learn answers to questions you’re probably asking- and some you should be asking, like:


  • What benefits can I get from workers’ comp? (page 13)
  • Can I be fired for filing a comp claim? (page 14)
  • If I use workers’ comp, will my employer have to pay all my medical bills? (page 15)
  • What are some ways I can protect my rights under workers’ comp? (pages 17-25)
  • Why can’t I just go to my own doctor? (page 26)
  • Do I get any income if I miss work? (page 30)
  • What is a "case manager" or "nurse case manager", and how should I handle them? (page 35)
  • Can I qualify for medical care after my case is over? (page 41)
  • THIS SHOCKS PEOPLE: What does permanently disabled mean in workers' comp? (page 43)
  • How does a typical settlement work? (page 57)
  • What should I do before hiring a lawyer to help me? (page 64)

Get Answers to Questions You’re Asking- Or Should Be Asking

  • Do any deadlines apply to my case that could cost me my rights?
  • If I disagree with the comp doctor, can I get a second opinion?
  • Why is the doctor a critical witness in my case?
  • If I have prior injuries to the same body part I hurt at work, will I be denied workers’ comp?
  • If I'm seriously hurt, but don't qualify for total disability, is there another option for significant benefits?
  • What additional benefits apply for paralysis or brain damage?
  • What's the workers compensation hearing process?

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