We are a Spartanburg, South Carolina law firm that primarily:

  • helps injured people get settlements they deserve, and
  • protects the rights and property of people in family court disputes.

You're likely here because you got referred by a former client who told you to talk to us. Or maybe you saw our Google reviews.

We are driven by a single, guiding principle: your case is about you. The most important person in your case is you and your needs, not us and ours.

That's why we offer extensive free info on our website, and it’s why we've written free books on South Carolina car accident and workers compensation cases. We're here to help you understand your rights and how your case works, whether you hire us or not.

Get your questions answered. Call toll free now at  888-230-1841. If you've been hurt in an accident or work injury in South Carolina, it's free. For family court cases, we offer a strategy session for a small fee that's customary in the industry- we’ll explain why when you call.