I spoke to Rob after my DUI charge. I was full of anxiety after spending 5 days in jail. My initial charge was for a DUI with a high BAC and an open container. Rob immediately put me at ease, treated me like a client before I even hired him and set a course to move forward with a solid plan.

Rob told me what I needed to do and what I needed to provide so that he could evaluate my case. He told me exactly what he thought he could get done and took away 90% of my anxiety and fear.

The end result was a DUAC with the BAC dropped to the lowest level and the open container charge being dropped. Rob mitigated my risk, exposure and helped to get a greatly reduced fine with time served. Rob and his assistant Pam took all of my calls, returned calls and answered every email.

I am truly grateful.

Matt, Spartanburg DUI and open container client