If you’ve got a DUI or DUAC with a breath test result, you might feel hopeless. I mean, the officer might’ve even told you the machine’s a “scientific instrument.”

There are some things you need to know that will give you hope about South Carolina’s “breathalyzer,” which is actually called the DataMaster DMT. They can call it a scientific instrument all they want, but it’s a machine that works like a grocery scanner. And machines malfunction.

Before I tell you what goes wrong with the machine, know that if you refuse to blow, the law you should do at least one thing right at your trial.

Here’s a partial list of things that go wrong with the breath test machine. But don’t take my word for it; the list comes from the owner’s manual:

  • TEMPERATURE LOW - The breath sample chamber temperature is below 45ºC.
  • TEMPERATURE HIGH - The sample chamber temperature is 55ºC or above.
  • RADIO INTERFERENCE - That’s right, a radio can mess this thing up.
  • CALIBRATION ERROR - The “internal standard” is wrong.
  • PUMP ERROR - The pump’s broken.
  • BLANK ERROR - There’s an alcohol reading greater than .003 during the “blank test” of room air.
  • FILTER WHEEL ERROR - The filter wheel won’t activate properly.
  • INVALID SAMPLE - Believe it or not, that means your alcohol level isn’t rising during the test. Yep, you can argue the test is rigged to get the highest amount possible.
  • SIMULATOR OUT OF RANGE - The simulator solution reading is outside acceptable limits. The simulator solution is a mixture of pure water and alcohol within a certain range that’s used to test the machine’s reading. It’s good the machine gives a margin of error for that. Unfortunately, it’s for the state, not you.
  • AMBIENT FAIL - Alcohol or another absorbing vapor is detected in the surrounding air and gets sucked into the machine as it starts the process.

Officers like to brag the machine gives a perfect result because of all its “self-checks.” If it detects any of these or other errors, it should report them and stop the test. But here’s my thing about that: what if the “self-checker” is broken? What happens then? These machines just seem to give more questions than answers.

Give Yourself the Most Hope

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