First off I would like to say that Rob and his entire staff are very wonderful, respectful people I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. I was involved in a motorcycle accident if it wasn’t for them I don’t know where I would be in this journey I have experienced. If any time I had a question or concern I felt comfortable enough to ask them and if I didn’t understand something they were more than willing to explain to me more in detail. they were very patient with me I never felt rushed.

Rob and his team put in a lot of work and effort into my case since the first day of my accident. I was so blessed to have rob and his team on my side if anyone out there is looking for a lawyer Rob is your man to go to. I felt very confident that they were going to knock this out the park and they and they did just that.

Rob, thank you so much partner!Josh Ramey, Spartanburg motorcycle accident client