It’s bad enough when a car or 18-wheeler driver causes a crash, but when the victim is a motorcycle rider, the results are often disastrous. That’s why it’s so important for motorists to look out for riders’ safety. Sometimes they just don’t, and we’ve seen the harrowing consequences many times.

If you've been seriously hurt in a South Carolina motorcycle accident, you've got rights you can't affford to lose, and you're facing a ruthless insurance company that wants to snatch them from you. Before you get lowballed- or totally ignored-  get your questions answered in a free, no pressure strategy session with a Spartanburg, SC motorcycle accident attorney. Call toll free at 888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now form.

Horrifying Injuries That Result from Motorcycle Accidents Across South Carolina:

  • Wrongful death. Sometimes an innocent rider suffers so many internal injuries he cannot survive. The at-fault driver can still be held accountable by the victim’s loved ones for certain aspects of their loss, like lost financial support and lost companionship. The victim’s estate can recover for the victim’s conscious pain and suffering as well as medical treatment and funeral bills.
  • Paralysis. Riders can be thrown from their bikes and slam violently onto their backs on unforgiving pavement or get crushed between two vehicles, shattering the bones protecting the spinal cord, called vertebrae. When a bone shard or collapsed vertebrae severs the spinal cord, paralysis results. This permanently life-altering (and potentially life-threatening) condition leaves the victim totally dependent on others for major aspects of personal care, if not all of it—plus enormous costs for extensive, lifelong medical treatment. In these cases, we will try to develop a life-care plan to hold the at-fault driver’s insurance company accountable for these costs, in addition to permanent loss of enjoyment of life, suffering, lost wages, and other losses.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury caused by the crash. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) comes in varying degrees of severity. They're all serious, and can be deadly. 

Shockingly, sometimes victims of these injuries appear pretty normal right after the crash. Symptoms to watch out for include severe headache, confusion, dizziness, mood changes, and irrational behavior. This type of injury is the chief reason you should seek immediate medical help after a motorcycle crash, even if you think you’re fine. You may be in extreme danger and not know it.

  • Herniated Disc. Discs are the “shock absorbers” protecting the delicate spinal cord. They look like a jelly donut. If you throw a jelly donut on the floor, it bursts and the jelly leaks out. The same can occur to a spinal disc from the shockwave of impact—but when you blow out a spinal disc, it’s a lot harder to clean up. Because the ruptured disc compresses nerves leaving the spinal cord, it causes extreme pain, weakness, numbness and tingling—and sometimes these problems can only be fixed with extremely serious spinal surgery.
  • Broken Bones. Because riders are exposed, motorcycle accidents often result in multiple broken bones, often requiring a hospital stay. The impact of a car or slamming into the pavement can snap bones so hard they rip through your skin. Sadly, we’ve seen bones so shattered and unfixable that surgeons had to amputate the limb.

These are only some of the most severe South Carolina motorcycle crash injuries. Some of these injuries can involve developing complex medical evidence and sifting through hundreds of pages of medical records to compile a compelling case to get you the very best settlement offer or highest verdict possible.

To learn more about these cases, check out our free report on South Carolina car accident cases. It applies to you just as anyone else. If you are seriously hurt by a South Carolina motorcycle crash, there are vital reasons why you owe it to yourself and your family to meet with an experienced motorcycle wreck lawyer. Chief among them is to develop the medical evidence to show the full extent of your injuries for proper compensation and help keep you from being shortchanged by the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

If you’re hurt too bad or overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with the insurance company, you don’t even have to get up from the computer to contact us. Send us an email or start a live chat to see about a free meeting with us to discuss your rights and getting the most compensation you can for all you and your family suffered. You can also call us toll-free at 888.230.1841. If you’re too hurt to come to us, we will gladly come to you.


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