Rob Usry’s dialect and demeanor in court are very impressive, and it is obvious everyone involved (solicitor, judge, law enforcement, etc) has respect for him.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my family or friends. Rob helped me in more ways than just legal matters.  More importantly than getting 3 DUI charges dismissed, he led me to the support and knowledge I needed to ensure this mistake does not happen again.  I always trusted Rob and did everything he asked of me.  Sometimes this was hard to do and I didn’t always agree, but I am proof that Rob knows exactly what to do for the best possible outcome- with his guidance, I finally admitted I had a problem and got the help I needed to change my life forever.  It is hard to know who to trust when dealing with such a trying time in life.  I put trust in Holland & Usry and they helped me more than anyone could ask for.  Rob was able to turn my 4 DUI charges over 3 years into just 1 conviction.  I will be forever grateful for all the help and support.


Lee R., Spartanburg/Boiling Springs DUI client