I needed help with a Workers Comp injury. I hired Rob after meeting with him 2 prior times for consultations. Best decision I made because by then I needed help very badly. Rob never pressured me in the consultations. I had a very unique case and was injured more than I realized, or was beginning to realize. He and his staff went right to work. Always answered questions or concerns. I sometimes got a return call after 7pm. His whole staff is excellent and they all do everything for you. These things are emotionally and mentally draining as it is. Great Attorney, Outstanding Man in General. I may have been left out in cold so to say if I hadn't finally made that decision to hire him when I knew I needed help ASAP. I just finally knew I needed Help period at that time. Rob went right to work. He explains things in layman's terms you can understand. (Just checked out his Website itself. It is full of information you can understand)

We negotiated a Settlement that far exceeded my expectations. He looks out for Your Best Interests, never pushes you even in a consultation. He gives you the truth and fights for your Best Interests. Not only is he a Great Attorney, but such a Pleasant, Good Man all around. Can't Thank Him and his Staff enough! They are all Great!

If you think you know Workers Comp Law, try and Google everything yourself, or know Nothing, I would advise Anyone to meet with Rob regardless. It's free. The Workers Comp world can be long and winding. I would have never made it and I consider myself pretty bright person. So much you don't know. He does...

Union workers' compensation client