Sitting at the detention center after being arrested for DUI, I was convinced that one terrible lapse in judgment was going to completely upend my life. That all changed when a friend told me to call the Bob Holland Law Firm and I met Rob Usry. From my point of view it was an open and shut case with no room to maneuver, but Rob was confident that he could help me achieve a better outcome. He provided me with several simple steps I could take to strengthen our case in advance of trial, and respectfully answered all of my questions and concerns. His confidence and professionalism gave me great peace of mind and allowed me the opportunity to focus on making changes in my life to ensure this was a one-time incident. He was exceptional in court and was able to negotiate with the officer to reduce the charge to reckless driving, and later was able to get the administrative license suspension dismissed. If you put your confidence in Rob you will not be disappointed, and I am exceedingly grateful for all of his help.

 Spartanburg city DUI client